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Friday, 30 March 2012

Sailing Safety & Olympic Sailing Tickets

Another important aspect of navigation safety should adjust the amount, which is adapted to drive the wind conditions. As wind speed increases the crew should gradually reduce the amount of swimming. 
A small boat only jib and mainsail, a jib and a partial reduction by rolling up the mainsail, a process that is called to the selected part of the reefing main »: Scooter boom is changing the face of a boat, without him, to reduce more a little ride. Ideally reefing does not only carry out a reduction in the lower center of effort on the sails, reducing the heeling moment and keeping the boat more upright. 

There are three general methods of the role of furling. The drive roller reefing about one-quarter that includes the reduction of over one-third of its luff length and tightening the lower part of the drive using an outhaul or a pre-installed in a line of Rev. Paw through the new ball and needle on the new course. In mast pole or mast furling Genoa this method of correction of the vertical over the film both native to a mast or outside the mast stable. It requires a mainsail with battens or without one or the newly developed vertical slats. In boom furling mast with a horizontal foil inside the boom. This method allows standard or full-length horizontal battens. 
Mainsail furling systems have become more common in marinas, since they are shorthanded, and in many cases operated in the cockpit. But the sail to the mast or boom slot is suspended, if not properly function. Mainsail furling is almost never used while racing because it results in a less effective method to maintain the profile of the most popular classical plate roller reefing. Mainsail furling has an additional disadvantage in that its complicated gear may increase the weight of a small group. However, since increasing the size of the boat, enjoy the dramatic roller furling.

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