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Monday, 28 May 2012

France in 2008 Olympic Sailing

Olympic Sailing in the Olympics 2008 summer was held in Beijing in August 9 - 21. The competition was held in Qingdao and Qingdao International Marina. The events consist of four classes for men and four women and three mixed classes, which are open to men and women. 
Since the 2004 Games in three events has changed with the new equipment: The Neil Pryde RS: X was chosen to replace the surfboard and the men and women Mistral Laser Radial replaced the Europe dinghy and women themselves. France sent a team of 323 athletes to the Summer Olympics in 2008.

Nicolas Charbonnier
Nicolas Charbonnier was born 4 August 1981in France. Nicolas Charbonnier is a French sailor and Olympic athletes, who won a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Olivier Bausset
Olivier was born in February 1, 1982 in France Bausset. Olivier is a French sailor and Olympic athlete Bausset, who won a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Great Britain Olympic Sailing in 2008 Olympics

Olympic Games 2008 held at China in 2008. Great Britain took part in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. UK be a symbol of British Olympic Association boa) of the selected athletes officially known as the Team GB. The United Kingdom is one of only five NOCs, which have participated in every Summer Olympics since 1896.
Izaslanstvo 547 people, including 311 institutions in 168 men, women and athletes all over Great Britain 143 and 236 man. Team will jointly, including in Northern Ireland which people can choose to Irish citizenship and cannot be elected to represent the United Kingdom or Ireland in the Olympics. In addition, the British overseas territories compete separately in Great Britain, the Olympic Games.
Nicholas Robert Rogers
Nicholas Robert Rogers was born on 4 October 1977 in Lymington. Nicholas Robert Rogers in the Sailing competition from Great Britain who won the silver medal in Athens 2004 and Beijing Olympics in 2008 with Joe Glanfield in the 470 (dinghy) class: 
Rogers teamed up with old friend Pom Green, but they went their separate ways in July 2010 In referring to increased responsibilities and time constraints. In February of 2011, Chris Rogers-Gruber, and participated in the 2012 Games in London.
Jonathan James
Jonathan James was born on 6 - Joe Glanfield August 1979, Library Sutton-. Sailing is Great Britain's Jonathan; he was awarded the silver medal in 2004 and 2008. 
Athens Olympic Games in the 470 class with Nick-Rogers-He is the fourth in the Olympic Games 2000th Jonathan previously visited Exmouth Library.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Malcolm Page and Nathan Wilmot in 2008 Olympic Sailing Events

In 2008 Olympic Games Total 433 participants competed for Australia at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing: Team Australia was the home team after the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, which includes a team of 482 competitors. 
Australian athletes have competed in every Summer Olympic Games in modern times.
Nathan Wilmot
Nathan Wilmot was born 13 December 1979 in Australia. Nathan Wilmot is a member of the Australian Sailing Team sailors. He and teammate Malcolm Page won five championships in the 470 class, he also won the Olympic test event in Qingdao 2007 and 470 are considered favorites to win the event at the 2008 Summer Olympics. 
The Beijing Olympic Games, they won the points lead in the medal race, they only end up in the first place: They won the final race, which are guaranteed Olympic gold. They are now classified as the most successful competitor in the 470. Despite the success of the dinghy classes, then it must be approved by the Offshore Sailing race. He is Fellow Australian Institute of Sport. Wilmot comes from a family of Sailing. His father participated in the Summer Olympics and 1984 Summer Olympic Games in his uncle was tactician for the 1988th Uncle Hugh Treharne America's Cup syndicate, Australia II-in 1983.
Malcolm Page
Malcolm Page was born March 22, 1972 In Australia. Malcolm Page an Australian sailor He was educated at St Andrew's Cathedral School, Sydney. He and teammate Nathan Wilmot won five championships in the 470 class; 
he also won the Olympic test event in Qingdao 2007 and is considered favorites in the 470 event at the 2008 Summer Olympics, which they won the Australian Olympic Committee.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sailing Techniques and Olympic Sailing Tickets

Olympic Sailing Event in Olympic Games
Course made well
 The turning of the boat is the boat by means of the wheel or rudder to the preferred course. This may be an exact bearing similar to steer 270 degrees or towards a familiar sight at a preferred angle to the evident wind track.

The most significant feature of sailing is custody the boat in trim. This is the front and behind equilibrium of the boat. The aim is to regulate the portable ballast ahead or reveres to attain an even keel. On an upwind route in a small boat, the crew typically sits forward to reduce drag. When 'running', it is more efficient for the crew to sit to the rear of the boat. The position of the team is matter fewer but size and weight of the boat increases.

This is the harbor and starboard balance. Aspire once again is to regulate weight wind district or leeward to put off tremendous heeling. The boat moves at a faster speed if it is smooth to the water.

Sail trim
 Trimming sails is a huge topic. Simply put though a sail should be drag in awaiting it fills with wind, but no additional than the point where the front edge of the sail is precisely in line with the wind. Let it out until it starts to flutter and then pull it in waiting it brings to a close.

 If a transportable centerboard is built-in, then it should be inferior when sailing close up to the wind but can be raise up on downwind track to decrease haul. The centerboard prevents on the side motion and allows the boat to sail upwind. A boat with no centerboard will in its place have an enduring keel, some other form of undersea foil or even the hull itself which hand round the same principle. On a close haul the table knife board should be completely downward and at the same time as running in excess of half way up.

Olympic Sailing Tickets