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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Shirley Robertson in Olympic Sailing

Shirley Ann Robertson was born on 15 July 1968, Dundee. Shirley Robertson is a Scottish sailor and Olympic gold medalist. She made it in the history books by becoming the first British woman to win two Olympic gold medals at consecutive games, Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004. 
She won his first Olympic gold medal in the Europe class at the Summer Olympics in 2000. The 2004 Summer Olympics, the team secured the gold medal in the Yngling class with one race to spare. Shirley's World Sailor of the Year at the International Sailing Federation in 2000 and was awarded the MBE and OBE in 2005 was in 2000. She was sailing the regular presenter of the mainsail in January 2006 to a monthly program on CNN in the world. 
He is also a commentator for the BBC's coverage of the Olympic Sailing Summer Games in 2008. Her role at the Olympic Games is through its holding in the London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games Sport Advisory Group. Shirley spent her childhood in Menstrie central Scotland. She began Sailing at age of 7 to navigation on a mirror dinghy miracle girl whose father built their house with garage in Clackmannanshire, and they sailed on Loch Ard in the Trossachs. 
A child with the ability to concentrate and think that you can achieve anything with hard work and listen to those around you paid for it defines. She quickly got wrong, and his quest for Olympic gold medal at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh in 1990. Shirley married her partner Jamie Boag in June 2001; she lives today in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. She gave birth to twins in July 2006 kids. Olympic Sailing Tickets for London Olympic Games are On Sale at Sport Ticket Exchange.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Annie Lush in Olympic Sailing Events

Annie Lush was born 11 April 1980 in Poole, Dorset. Annie Lush is an English sailor participating 2012 Olympic Games. In 2012 lush is 5 ft 10 - big and weighs 77.5 kg lush attended the University of Cambridge, where he was awarded the Blues, boating, sailing and rugby. 
Abundant selection of candidates for the 2008 Summer Olympics Yngling three-person keelboat class of Armenia with the double Olympic champion teammate Lucy MacGregor and Shirley Robertson won a bronze medal at the 2007 World Championships, and the trio was in favor of the choice of Sarah Ayton and Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson overlooked won gold at the Olympic event is completed. In the year 2010 closed with lush sisters Lucy and Kate MacGregor and Marie fraudulent win gold in women's race at the ISAF World Championships in Newport, Rhode Iceland and USA. 
The British team won 3-2 in the final U.S. team by two-time world champions Sally Barkow staged. Armenia in the 2011 World Sailing Championships in Perth, Australia, lush reached the final match-racing event, as with Lucy MacGregor and Kate, where they were beaten 4-0 by the United States by boat with skipper Anna Tunnicliffe Won three gold medals at the 2011 World Cup event in Hyeres, France playing against the team of Barkow 3-0 in the finals. 
Lush chosen to compete with Britain in 2012 Armenia Summer Olympic Games in the new Elliott 6m match racing event, he will take up next to Armenia and sisters Lucy Kate MacGregor. Together, the three girls, the nickname of the match race event at the National Academy of Weymouth and Portland Sailing round-robin group stage on 29 August to 4 July. 

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Friday, 13 July 2012

Pippa Wilson in 2012 Olympic Sailing

Philippa Claire Wilson MBE was born in 7 February 1986 in Southampton. Pippa Wilson is an English professional sailor. She was selected for London Olympic Games 2012 in London.
She won the gold medal in the Yngling class sailing at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing with Sarah Webb Sarah Ayton Wilson member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) and the 2009 New Year Honours. Pippa began her career in the prestigious Sailing Youth Sailing dinghy, the cadet. Wilson began the navigation of the young age of five years is optimistic Salterns Sailing Club, in Lymington. It quickly became clear that she had a natural talent for Sailing, and it was not long before She began to participate in junior club activities on it. 
Support of his parents, Wilson's skills developed quickly, and it was not long before She was chair of the ISAF Youth World Championships, won gold in the 29er class events in 2002 and bronze medal in the 420 class with two years of their youth the opportunity to not Wilson will go unnoticed and has been an integral part of the RYA navigation in the 470 class development team are among the top ten in the world's largest events, including a seventh place in 2005: 470 World Cup. But in 2006, Wilson felt the need to change the double-handed 470 class. After that he sailed after the installation of a temporary bow girls own Olympic campaign, Olympic Yngling express Champions Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb and Wilson are of interest and with a bronze medal navigation, together with its first regatta, which was conducted by Gold regatta in Weymouth Portland, and in 2006, laid the foundation of what was unimaginable three years in 2007. 
Sarah Wilson and Bonded very well have a strong team and won gold at the ISAF World Championships in Cascais, as well as the Olympic test event in Qingdao. Olympic Sailing Tickets and London Olympic Tickets for Olympic Games in London are On Sale at Sport Ticket Exchange.
Pippa Wilson Medal’s Record
Olympic Games
2008 Beijing
Yngling class
World Championships
2007 Cascais
2008 Miami
European Championships
2008 Blanes

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Friday, 6 July 2012

Katrina Hughes in Olympic Sailing

Katrina Hughes was born on 03/11/1989 in Great Britain. She started sailing when she was 5 year Old.  The partnership with Penny Clark-470 for the boat, they ended in 2010 with the Gold regatta in Weymouth sixth and eighth at the World Cup results, which is the beginning of the year they were received with joy.
 Previously a member of the Royal Corinthian yacht club in Burnham-on-crouch, Essex, is now permanently based in Weymouth. He had problems that affected their performance at the end of 2009. Audio is one of the Council, 13 Team Essex Ambassador to maintain security in order to reach their goal, they said. Katrina Hughes expects to host the Olympic Flame by Osprey landing in PORTLAND. 22-year-old, who narrowly missed selection to the Team GB women's 470 class dinghy with oars Penny Clark-land, is an important role to play home games as a torchbearer in the 8000 inspirational. 
He said that the Royal Yachting Association raised two sailors; it was a great honor to be selected. He does not wear Flame Thursday 12 July at Osprey landing. The couple is facing stiff resistance from another Sailor Saskia Clark-Audio and its partner, Sailing, Sarah Ayton for the British Olympic-class 470's at the entrance of the Olympic 2012th. Sailing is the perfect place, you can easily wind or up to 35 knots and it is great to go to the Bay with big waves, he said. We have a lot to us here below is the training always get what you want to go over really well with these conditions. 
Even the move to Weymouth and the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games in London in 2012, Hughes has his roots in Leigh-on-Sea, where they have forgotten family. His home club Burnham-on-crouch, and gave me a great support, sometimes they ask me to go back and talk to the children, who are always pleasant, he said: It is wonderful to be engaged in navigation. Olympic Sailing Tickets for London Olympic Games are On Sale at Sport Ticket exchange.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Farrah Hall in 2012 Olympic Sailing

Farrah Hall was born in Annapolis, Maryland.  She is also known as the sailing capital of the world. He began sailing small sailboats and traveling at the age of 13, raising basic skills of friends and find out everything out by trial and error.

She did not have a competitive advantage Sail at this time, but  She was an athletic boy in football, lacrosse, was involved in basketball and swam for the Naval Academy Junior Swim Club.  She attended the High School and Broadneck was heavily involved in running the team.  She  was a varsity cross country, indoor track and outdoor track teams. When  She was 16,  She became involved in triathlon and participated in several local Olympic distance events around Maryland.  She finished high school in 1999 and continued through college triathlon, marathon and also ran.  She took a break from running during the course and swam distance freestyle events at the high school swim team as a team. 
Athens 2002 Regatta, the first Olympic test events, was born on August 12 to 25 held at Agios Kosmas Olympic Sailing Centre in Athens on the Saronic Gulf, Greece. 507 sailors from 40 countries competed in this case, these sailors; the U.S. was the largest insured event had 43 sailors competing in eight classes, and the ten events. Among them was 22-year-old Farrah Hall of Annapolis, the only American to sail in a women's Mistral event. Farrah Hall meet with a berth in the Olympic RS: X women are windsurfing, it has one major drawback. It may not be a typical story of an athlete from a country of unlimited possibilities, but the sport, windsurfing the world is far ahead of the U.S. and international rankings in the development of young people in leagues. Many Americans do not even know that surfing an Olympic sport since 1984, where it is grouped into the roof of the sailing events. 
While the U.S. lags behind other countries, possibly in the production of top sailors, indoor driving fast on the 2012 Games in London. Annapolis sailor Farrah Hall is officially qualified for the Olympic Summer Games hosted in London in 2012. X windsurfing class through their appearance in the series racing: Hall was already before the law, the U.S. Women's RS deserves represented. However, the U.S. had not backed up for the 28 slots in the Olympic sailing regatta in the discipline. Olympic Sailing Tickets are on Sale at Sport Ticket Exchange.