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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Jibing and Tacking

In the Sailing There are two traditions of changing the port staple to starboard staple also by turning the bow from side to side the eye of the wind tacking or the stern jibing. Tacking is the safer technique and favored particularly when sailing upwind. 

Throughout such path changes there is work that needs to be complete. Immediately previous to tacking the authority prepared about is given at which end the crew must man the piece lines which need to be distorted over to the other tack and the helmsman gets ready. To carry out the tack the control Lee-ho or Hard-a-lee is known. 
The latter is a straight order to the helmsman to shove the tiller hard to the leeward side of the boat creation the bow of the boat come up and rapidly turn from side to side the eye of the wind to prevent the boat being caught in irons. As the boat turns through the eye of the wind, some sails such as those with a boom and a single sheet may self-tack and need only small adjustments of sheeting points, but for jibs and other sails with divide sheets on either side, the unique sheet must be loosen and the conflicting sheet lines hauled in and set quickly and correctly for the new point of sailing. To change route Jibing is necessarily important when sailing off the wind or downwind. It is a more dangerous maneuver because booms must be controlled as the sails catch the new wind direction from astern. 
An uncontrolled jibe can happen suddenly by itself when sailing downwind if the helmsman is not paying attention to the wind direction and can be very hazardous as the major boom will sweep up across the arena rapidly and with large power. Before jibing the control Ready to jibe is known the crew gets prepared at their location. If any sails are unnatural with preventers or whisker poles these are taken down. The authority Jibe-ho is given to implement the twist. The explosion sails must be hauling in and made fast previous to the stern arrive at the eye of the wind, so that they are amidships and prohibited as the stern go by during the wind and then let out rapidly controlled and accustomed to the new point of sailing.
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