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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Annie Lush in Olympic Sailing Events

Annie Lush was born 11 April 1980 in Poole, Dorset. Annie Lush is an English sailor participating 2012 Olympic Games. In 2012 lush is 5 ft 10 - big and weighs 77.5 kg lush attended the University of Cambridge, where he was awarded the Blues, boating, sailing and rugby. 
Abundant selection of candidates for the 2008 Summer Olympics Yngling three-person keelboat class of Armenia with the double Olympic champion teammate Lucy MacGregor and Shirley Robertson won a bronze medal at the 2007 World Championships, and the trio was in favor of the choice of Sarah Ayton and Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson overlooked won gold at the Olympic event is completed. In the year 2010 closed with lush sisters Lucy and Kate MacGregor and Marie fraudulent win gold in women's race at the ISAF World Championships in Newport, Rhode Iceland and USA. 
The British team won 3-2 in the final U.S. team by two-time world champions Sally Barkow staged. Armenia in the 2011 World Sailing Championships in Perth, Australia, lush reached the final match-racing event, as with Lucy MacGregor and Kate, where they were beaten 4-0 by the United States by boat with skipper Anna Tunnicliffe Won three gold medals at the 2011 World Cup event in Hyeres, France playing against the team of Barkow 3-0 in the finals. 
Lush chosen to compete with Britain in 2012 Armenia Summer Olympic Games in the new Elliott 6m match racing event, he will take up next to Armenia and sisters Lucy Kate MacGregor. Together, the three girls, the nickname of the match race event at the National Academy of Weymouth and Portland Sailing round-robin group stage on 29 August to 4 July. 

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