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Monday, 9 April 2012

Knots Olympic Sailing Tickets

In Sailing trimming the sails and different points of sail, knots are the most important things a sailor needs to know the bowline requires only a few especially important. They also learn through the pink shock, and in turn and two half hitches, can easily all the requirements: knot on a boat. More complete understanding of the connection loop; the loop consists of the following command:

Bowline - used to form a flat knot at the end of a cable
Clove Hub - provides lines, along which a number of future points
The round side and two half couplings - the end of a leash attached to a stationary object
Rolling in a pushing prop machine, relax tension in the sheet
Figure of eight stopper knot of all-purpose
Stopper knot - to keep things out of line slipping
Required to join the two ends of a line around an object in a square knot
Sheet metal bending - the connection of two ropes of different diameters
Knob on knots "- attaching a rope or line to a cleat, such as shipyard
Additional nodes in the list of nodes

Day-to-day running of the nature of nodes used in navigation, they are easy to connect, secure, and if the bound is as important, easy to solve. Even experienced sailors may forget their knots if they are carried out periodically forgot how to tie a knot cause serious injury or damage to the boat.

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