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Monday, 30 April 2012

Sailing in Summer Olympic Games

Sailing and yachting are not in Olympic Games Event until 1996, was one of the few Olympic sports in the Games I Olympiad in Athens, Greece, 1896. Although it is the first Olympic program, the race was cancelled in severe weather conditions. 
In addition, the 1904 Summer Olympic Games, sailing at the Olympics all the time as another class of devices has the Olympic. Initial studies have shown tons, later named in meters, feet or generic Class for this DVD were presented 2008.
Until Yachting Games 1988 was released, an independent sports sailing race Already in the 1900s. A few women participated in the Olympic sailing regatta. In 1988, the first event of the women's sailing. The largest part of the Olympic sailing competitions are doing what is a fleet racing format called. 
What the Olympic Games, but as the game was a race with the race format of the format. Britain occupied the medal tally at the Olympic sailing.

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